Customer of the Week: Hugo Levasseur


1. What is your role and how long have you been with Spundge?

I am an Account Manager at Spundge. I am the bridge between our customers and the company. I support customers whose account I am in charge of, and I establish a good relationship with them.


2.Can you tell us something about what Spundge offers?

We offer an all-in-one Content Creation, Delivery and Monetization Solution. Customers can create notebooks, with a title and specific keywords. Spundge will then filter content or articles based on those keywords, and deliver it in your notebook. It can even track content on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


3. What was your biggest challenge before installing Collabspot?

Before Collabspot, I needed to maintain email threads manually in SugarCRM. But Collabspot helps me save time; I can now dedicate more hours to serving our customers.


4. What was your initial impression of Collabspot? Why do you love Collabspot?

Collabspot is great! It let’s me focus on core activities rather than tedious maintenance tasks.


5. What’s your favorite feature/s and why?

The email integration. Collabspot simplifies my work.

More Info on SugarCRM and Gmail Integration: Collabspot users can save 5 hours of work each week which would otherwise be spent on switching and the manual input of client information from Gmail to SugarCRM. Now, you can view your client/prospect’s information straight from your Gmail. It is now easy to update vital information to SugarCRM, right from your Gmail inbox. To see what else Gmail integration can do, click here.


6. How has Collabspot made things easier for you and helped you close more deals?

Collabspot has made my use of Sugarcrm simpler. I can update my client’s information on SugarCRM through Gmail. I can also view my client’s information and the history of our interaction straight from Gmail. It couldn’t get any simpler than this!


7. What is the best sales tip you can share to other salespeople?

Use the tools that will help you focus on your customers while maintaining detailed accounts on them. And Collabspot is a really helpful tool that can help you save time and helps you give your customers  world-class service, and of course, helps you close more deals!


To experience Collabspot for yourself, you can start a free trial here. Or you can contact us  for more information.