Integrate Evernote inside Gmail with Collabspot

Stay on top of your tasks and increase productivity by bringing Evernote inside Gmail


Collabspot is setting the benchmark for Productivity in Gmail by bringing commonly used business, personal and productivity apps inside Gmail. This time, Collabspot has joined hands with Evernote to provide Evernote Integration with Gmail. The integration with Gmail and Evernote enables Evernote Free and Premium users to quickly view, edit and manage their notes, notebooks and tasks right inside Gmail.


Evernote Integration with Gmail

Evernote Integration with Gmail


With the Collabspot powered Evernote and Gmail Integration, Evernote users can perform bunch of tasks on Evernote, from their Gmail sidebar. These include;


  • Search and view Evernote notes or browse by notebooks
  • Use the Collabspot sidebar to automatically display all related notes to the content of the opened email
  • Use the Collabspot sidebar to automatically display all notes related to the email address of your contact
  • Copy sent & received emails to Evernote and create reminders in Evernote
  • Use Collabspot shared Gmail templates in one click


This will result in minimal switching between Gmail and Evernote for tracking and updating personal and official notes and notebooks. Evernote users can save time on repetitive tasks and quickly perform common tasks on Evernote. The Gmail integration with Evernote can be set up for all Evernote Free and Paid users.

Signup for Free now and find and get things done faster on Evernote. 


Introducing Email Tracking Notification For Sugar 7.x and Salesforce users


Email Tracking Notification

For Sugar 7.x and Salesforce users only


Email Tracking Notifications in Sugar CRM 7.x and Salesforce



The New Feature

Real Time Email Tracking notifications in Sugar CRM 7.x and Salesforce.





Get live notifications when a prospect/customer opens an email or clicks on a link on your email. On the notification, you will see who opened the mail, where the email was opened, and what link was clicked.





How Email Tracking notifications works in Sugar CRM 7.x and Salesforce


Step # 1 – Allow Collabspot to Enable View Notifications.




Email Tracking Notifications in Sugar CRM 7.x and Salesforce




Step # 2 – Enable Email Tracking before sending the email










Step # 3 – Once the recipient has opened the email or clicked on a link on the email, the sender will receive a notification.







  1. Emails sent within the same internet network may not get any notifications.

  2. Slow / intermittent internet connection will prevent the notifications from appearing.

  3. Pop-up blocker must be disabled.


August Happiness Report

It’s time for August’s Happiness Report!

You are the Guide – not the Hero. One of the biggest mental shifts a business can make is realizing that it is not the hero in the story – the customer is.

– Matt Ragland (How Backcountry creates an Exceptional Customer Service Experience)


We learned something very important last August: the measurement of great customer service comes from being a great Guide – not a great Hero. We are not here to save the day – we are here to advise and show the best way to others.


What we worked on last August

Image 1

Our August stats show that we still have so many things to improve on to be great guides. On the other hand, we’ve done many improvements with the way we guide our customers on how to use Collabspot.

  1. New Updates

Our Development team have been really amazing with making Collabspot as user-friendly as possible. Check out our release notes to see what they’ve done to make Collabspot better than ever.

  1. Bug Fixes
  2. Improved Interface

Example: We have a new template modal for Salesforce users.

  1. Offer more Demos

Currently, we offer more demos to help resolve a customer’s concern as soon as

  1. Hired another Customer Success Manager

Let’s welcome Jasper!

  1. Sugar 7 Documentation (Improved)

The good news is, our customers were happy with the improvements we’ve done! Here are some of their comments:


Very quick and good solution and attention from support staff. Thank you!

– John (Element.Se)


Jasper and his team members provide super service- spot on, fast and low key very cool.

– Robert (Traxtech.com)


I liked Anna’s crisp and concise answer, very easy to understand. Thank you, Anna!

– Patrick (Resmartlisting.com)


<3 Nori

– Blake (Callinize.com)


Our Target for September:

Image 2

  1. Improve our documentation process.
  2. Constantly update our Sugar 6, Sugar 7, and Salesforce documentation.
  3. Call leads within three minutes after installing Collabspot.
  4. Increase screenshare and demos via Google Hangout.


If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service, just let us know. We’ll be happy to help out.



The Collabspot Support Team