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Introducing Collabspot for Office 365

Imagine this scenario: You’re a sales rockstar who who uses Collabspot for Gmail to maximize your productivity. Your sales manager absolutely loves you because she knows that she can count on you to keep your data up to date and accurate, so when she hands off forecasts to the executives, she can be confident in its […]

Collabspot Wins SugarCRM’s ISV Breakout Partner Award

Collabspot, a sales communication platform that aims to help sales teams close more deals by seamlessly integrating their CRM with the place where they work the most, their inbox, announced today that Collabspot was presented with SugarCRM’s global ISV Breakout Partner Award. The award-winning Collabspot platform integrates Google Apps for work with SugarCRM, allowing you […]

Ten Tips to to avoid being Rude in your Emails

  In your emails, do you sound like a soulless sociopath? You’re not alone. You may be a warm and friendly person in real life, but there’s something about composing an email that makes the message sound sterile– or downright rude. Perhaps, you’ve opted for excessive smiley faces and Internet slang, like lol or omg, […]

What Behaviors are Common Among Successful Salespeople?

Many would-be salespeople complain that “sales is tough”.  They argue that dealing with prospects and customers is a losing proposition. Well, do you ever notice that some sales professionals really stand out among the crowd? How do they become so successful while many do not? It might be true that training, coaching, skills and a […]

Collabspot publishes whitepaper, Close more deals with 1:1 Marketing automation – a new and effective approach to automation in the sales

The sales department is the backbone of any organization regardless of their size and business nature. They drive the business, earn customers and ensure that the business keeps moving forward. In the current digital powered era where a large proportion of businesses have shifted to e-commerce, sales team is equipped with a myriad of tools […]


15 Tips to Manage Email Effectively

Columnist Marilyn Vos Savant once wrote “email, instant messaging and cell phones give us fabulous communication ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized. How many of us have felt overwhelmed by our email inbox at times? It’s no wonder – in 2013, we received over […]

New Collabspot release for Salesforce

Our robust CRM integration in Gmail is now available for Salesforce. With Collabspot for Salesforce, all Salesforce users can now close more deals while saving time. Collabspot provides a unique bundle of 3 sets of features: 1/ Optimized 1:1 Interaction with Customers Helps Salespeople Close More Deals, using: Email Templates Email Tracking Send Later email […]

Collabspot Release Notes

This document describes the changes made in Collabspot. Collabspot Version 2014.02.06 Enhancement or New Features: Collabspot now supports decimal (.) as currency thousand separators and comma (,) as decimal separators. US and UK are one of the few countries in the world that use a period (.) to indicate the decimal place and comma (,) […]

Collabspot has a better memory now

Your Collabspot’s browser extension is now able to remember to which opportunity, contact or lead you saved your email to. Before, for every email in a thread, you had to select again the list of objects you wanted to associate your email with. Now this is not needed anymore. Collabspot remembers them. For every email […]

Collabspot is now a certified SugarCRM apps

SugarCRM, one of the world’s fastest-growing customer relationship management software company has certified a few select applications. Collabspot is proud to be a part of the list as the only Google Apps integration to be certified. In order to get certified by SugarCRM, they needed to validate a number of important factors. Let’s look at […]

We’re going to SugarCon 2013!

Recently, our Gmail integration with SugarCRM made us the Sugar App of the Month for March 2013. We also successfully held a webinar hosted by the SugarCRM community that showcased how our sales email platform for Gmail provides a window to SugarCRM. In line with all these events, I’ll be joining this year’s SugarCon! I’ll […]

We’re joining JFDI.Asia’s startup accelerator!

You might have noticed in tech news this week (TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, e27, WebGeek.ph, SGEntrepreneurs) about the announcement of 8 startups who made it out of the 262 teams that applied for the 2013 JFDI.Asia accelerator program. We’re one of the accepted ones! For those who don’t know, JFDI.Asia operates the longest-running, most successful seed accelerator […]

Extracting more contact details from emails

We released a new update today that introduces capturing more data from an email. Earlier, when you were creating a contact using Collabspot, we would automatically fill the first name, last name, company name, and email address. Today we are adding two new fields that are extracted from the email: phone number and postal address. […]

New UI, new video, and other updates

As promised a few days ago, we now come back with some big updates for the extension. New UI design and new logo The new UI is a result of our effort to make all the information displayed by the extension easier to recognize and to navigate. We used different colors to designate different types […]

New website, new logo, and happy users

This has been an incredible week at Collabspot. We just won the Google Apps Developer Contest in the business category earlier this week. And today, we are changing our website, our logo, and our name. So here is our new logo : Collabspot Insights will now be renamed to Collabspot. The development services we were […]

How do you find your Highrise API token?

If you want to use one of our Highrise applications (the Google Apps Highrise Gadget or the Chrome extension), you will need to find your Highrise API token. You can find it by following the steps below: First, you need to log in to your existing Highrise account. In the upper right corner, click on […]

CollabSpot Boards in the GDG DevFest Philippines

The GDG DevFest The first ever Google Developer Group (GDG) DevFest in the Philippines happened last August 4, 2012. It was held in the Asian Institute of Management in Metro Manila, a renowned business school in Southeast Asia. I, along with fellow CollabSpot developer Gino Tria, were invited to speak in the said event. We […]

Scheduled Reports with CRON for App Engine

Introduction It is important for web developers to regularly keep track of how their application is being used by their customers. This allows them to have sound decisions on what improvements need to be added for future releases. This post will show how to set up scheduled reports in Google App Engine running in Python. […]