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8 Productivity Hacks for Evernote users inside Gmail via Collabspot

Collabspot has gone great strides to bring productivity inside Gmail. With its latest partnership to bring Evernote and Gmail Integration, it brings endless possibilities for Evernote users to increase productivity and acheive a lot more inside Gmail.

This blog post will highlight Top 8 ways how the Collabspot powered Evernote and Gmail Integrtation delivers producitivity and get things done quicker for Evernote users.

Collabspot now Integrates Freshdesk in Gmail

With its continued mission to deliver productivity in Gmail Inbox, Collabspot has partnered with Freshdesk to provide Freshdesk integration with Gmail. Read how the Collabspot powered Freshdesk and Gmail Integration, promises quick and efficient resolution of customer support tickets and in delivering productivity in Gmail Inbox.

How to use Email Archiving for Salesforce through Gmail

With the ever growing number of emails received in your Inbox daily, it gets difficult for Sales Reps and Staff to keep a record of important emails and synching those emails to clients. With Collabspot email archiving solution for Salesforce and Gmail, you will never lose an email again. Organize and archive each customer email you ever sent or receive for timely review and followup.