Introducing Collabspot for Office 365

Imagine this scenario:

You’re a sales rockstar who who uses Collabspot for Gmail to maximize your productivity. Your sales manager absolutely loves you because she knows that she can count on you to keep your data up to date and accurate, so when she hands off forecasts to the executives, she can be confident in its accuracy. Being the productivity enthusiast that you are, you efficiently add contacts and sync emails to your CRM while Collabspot automatically syncs your Calendar and contacts.

Great right?

That is until your company switches from Gmail to Microsoft Office and POOF! There goes your status as a sales rockstar.

Well don’t lose another second of sleep worrying about your Collabspot extension because now we’re available on Office 365!

Collabspot for Office 365 offers the same great core features including complete access to Sugar from Office 365, email syncing, contact syncing, and the ability to edit any Sugar record.

1. Complete Access to Sugar from Office 365

Access any Sugar record  without ever having to leave outlook so your reps can see important prospect information in context.

2. Email Sync

With one click you can archive any email to Sugar and relate it to any record. So all of your most crucial customer interactions are in Sugar.

3. Create and edit any record

Easily edit OR create a contact, lead, account, opportunity or task without leaving Office 365.

4. Calendar Sync

Ensure every meeting and phone call gets logged into Sugar with Collabspot's calendar sync.
5. Mac & Browser Support

The Collabspot Office 365 Add-in supports many versions of Outlook including Outlook for Mac and in browser. So no matter what version of Outlook your team uses, you can maximize data accuracy and rep productivity.