How A Marketer Uses Collabspot

As Marketing Coordinator at Epicom, a CRM consulting firm, my favorite kind of software tools are the ones that provide benefits for both marketing and sales teams. Collabspot is one of those tools. While we originally adopted it for our sales team, our marketing team uses it as well. Here are three ways I use Collabspot as a marketer:

To Pass Leads to Sales

When a new lead is created in our CRM, a member of our marketing team is sent an email alert to let them know they need to take a look at it. They then make sure the lead is “marketing qualified” and should be passed over to a member of the sales team. Instead of having to switch back and forth from email to Sugar, we use Collabspot to assign the lead out from our inboxes. Within the Collabspot panel, we can change the assigned-to field, add in additional data we found while qualifying it, or create a follow-up task for the rep. This allows us to pass only the warmest leads to sales without much extra effort.

To Automate 1:1 Marketing

We all know about marketing automation and the benefits it has on an organization. But what about one-on-one marketing? This is when sales or marketing employees need to reach out or respond to people on an individual basis rather than a mass email. Collabspot allows you to create templates for various uses and use them to craft one-off emails quickly. You can pull from fields in your CRM to personalize the email (e.g. Dear ++First Name++). I used this functionality today to send out customer satisfaction surveys to customers I work closely with. I knew that if I sent emails that came from me personally, rather than our marketing automation platform, that the survey response rate would be higher. Besides using it for myself, I can also craft templates for sales to use so I can make sure messaging across the company is consistent. 

To Fill in Gaps in the Customer Journey

While our marketing automation system captures almost all of our contacts activity along their customer journey, there is some activity it just can’t capture. An example is when a lead sends an email to an employee of our organization. Previously, emails like this would only have been saved in the CRM if the rep went out of their way to search for the record, create and email record to associate with the contact, and then copy and pasted the email content into the CRM. Now, emails can be saved to a contact record with the click of a button, and all outgoing emails sent by reps can be automatically saved if there is a matching contact. This adds more detail to our view of each customer’s journey than our marketing automation system alone would provide. 

What are your favorite tools that benefit both marketing and sales? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out to if you have questions about CRM and Collabspot.