8 Productivity Hacks for Evernote users inside Gmail via Collabspot

Collabspot has gone great strides to bring productivity inside Gmail. With its latest partnership to bring Evernote and Gmail Integration, it brings endless possibilities for Evernote users to increase productivity and acheive a lot more inside Gmail. 

This blog post will highlight Top 8 ways how the Collabspot powered Evernote and Gmail Integrtation delivers producitivity and get things done quicker for Evernote users. 


1. Search for your notebooks from Gmail

Now you can search for any notes or notebooks from your Gmail. No need to switch back to the Evernote to find your notes and notebooks – your data is accessible from Gmail sidebar. Simply enter the keywords in the sidebar search bar and Collabspot will search and display related notebooks from Evernote.


  Search for notebooks



2. View notes within a notebook on Evernote from Gmail


Finding notes when you need them can be time consuming. With Collabspot, you can search and view any note on any notebook without leaving your Gmail. Just using the Collabspot sidebar in Gmail, select your notebook, click on show notes by notebook and it will display all the notes within that Notebook.



Search for notes by notebooks



3.  View related notes right inside Gmail


Want to quickly find notes related to a contact? Just hover your mouse over an email address in your Gmail Inbox and Collabspot will automatically display the related notes associated with that email address in the sidebar.



View related notes inside Gmail



4. Search notes in Evernote from Gmail by tags


Do you often forget the name of a note, but remember its tag?  The Collabspot search feature enables in searching and locating your notes by their tags name too. Just enter the tag name in the search bar and Collabspot will find and display all notes for you with that tag name.


Search by Tags



5.  Search Notes by Email Content


Whenever you open an email, Collabspot automatically searches for notes associated with the content of your email. This is the same feature used on the Evernote Web Clipper: Related Search.



Search by Email Content




6.  Save email from Gmail to Evernote (Sent and Received)


Collabspot allows you to be in control of the emails you  save in Evernote. Here are some things you can do:


1.        Convert emails to Notes. 

2.        Associate the converted emails to Notebooks. 

3.        Associate Collabspot suggested or custom Tags with each email 

4.        Create a Reminder with each email on Evernote.



Copy email from Gmail to Evernote


Collabspot also enables in automatically sending and saving sent email to Evernote. Before sending an email;

  • Click on the Collabspot icon along with the send button in Gmail
  • Select note title, notebook, tags and reminder and click send.
  • The email will be sent and automatically saved in the selected notebook.


Automatically Send and Save Sent Emails


7.  Set email reminders in Evernote


Want to know when to follow up on an email? Save emails in Evernote and set a reminder with each note or email so you don’t forget to follow up on an email or note. 


Add reminder to emails

8. Use Email Templates to quickly send Emails


Do you often send emails that have repetitive content or are which are quite similar? If yes, you can create and use email templates to quickly send email to your Gmail contacts. Just select and add your email template and your email message is ready to be sent. ( you need to create email templates using the same link before adding / using email template)


Email Templates


Do you have any Evernote – Gmail Productivity Hack to share?