How to use Email Archiving for Salesforce through Gmail


With the ever growing number of emails received in your Inbox daily, it gets difficult for Sales Reps and Staff to keep a record of important emails and synching those emails to clients. With Collabspot email archiving solution for Salesforce and Gmail, you will never lose an email again. Organize and archive each customer email you ever sent or receive for timely review and followup.

What is our Email Archiving solution about?


Collabspot enables in archiving both incoming (received) and outgoing (sent) emails messages from Gmail. Using simple chrome powered native Gmail email archiving features, users can quickly archive any email to any Salesforce Contact, Opportunities and more.


How can you archive Incoming Emails from Gmail to Salesforce?


Collabspot enables Sales Staff and Users to quickly archive incoming emails from Gmail to Salesforce. Users can add and archive against the email address in the FROM, To, CC and BCC fields directly to Salesforce. Collabspot will use the email address to find and identify the contact in Salesforce and archive the email along with it.



Users can also specify and customize where the emails can be archived. (Account, Contact, Opportunities, Cases, etc.)



How to Archive Outgoing Emails?



As with incoming email archiving, you can archive any outgoing email message by simply selecting the option to copy any email to Salesforce. Based on the email address in the To, FROM, CC and BCC fields, the email will be archived in the salesforce against records for that email address. There are two ways to archive outgoing emails. The other default entry options enables you to select where that email will be archived i.e. account, contact, opportunities, cases etc.




Using another default feature, email reminders, users can set preset reminder notifications on the email archived. This enables you to follow up on the email archived on a pre set time.




How Email Archiving in Salesforce benefits Sales?

Our email archiving email solutions on Gmail provides a number of benefits to  Salesforce users such as;

  • Save emails to Salesforce without copy pasting email in between Salesforce and Gmail.

  • Saves time since you don’t have to switch from Gmail to Salesforce just to save emails.

  • Reduces human error of manually adding

  • Extract past email correspondence from Salesforce instantly.


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