November’s Happiness Report!


It’s time for November’s Happiness Report!


Can you believe it? It’s almost the end of the Year! So many things have happened over the past few months. It’s about time we do a quick summary of how we improved the quality of service for our customers.


Brand New Website Interface

We’ve improved our website to cater the different products we support. We’ve also added a quick video to help you understand how Collabspot can help you save time and close more deals!

1 - Website







Brand New Features


You asked for it and we listened to you! Here are some of our major releases:


  1. Real Time Email Tracking notifications
  2. Converting leads to contacts via the sidebar
  3. Archiving attachments to the Document module
  4. Improved email tracking and template interface.
  5. And so much more!


2 - New Features


Click this link to view the Release Notes.


Improved Help Center


We released a new Help Center for Sugar 6, Sugar 7, and Salesforce. This contains updated features, images, and instructions on how to use Collasbpot.


3 - Help Center







Workflow Efficiency (Support, Developers, Admin, Sales)

We improved our workflow integration between our Support, Sales, Admin, and

Developer Teams. This helped us resolve issues, implement new features, and develop the sidebar more efficiently.




4 - Team Collaboration





Improved Ticket Resolution Process

The Support and Development team worked hand in hand to improve the way we resolve Technical Support related concerns. After months of trial and testing, we can definitely say that we’re confident in handling any question or concern you have.


5 - Improved Tech Process







New Collabspot Team Members!


This year, we hired a bunch of people to help our Support, Sales/Marketing, Admin, and Developer team.  Please welcome Abbas, Jasper, Jean, Joem, Jhules, Lee, Maria and Carlo!

6 - New Collabspot Team Members


Support Report for November

We’re proud to say that Collabspot has been working to provide great \ customer support experience. Just give us a buzz at and a friendly Customer Success Manager will be happy to help out.


8 - Support Report


New Product, New Features

We’ve got new products and new features that will be released this December and early next year. Stay tuned to learn and see how Collabspot can help you save time and close more deals!



It’s amazing to see how Collabspot has grown to what it is right now. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned: It’s very important to have collaboration between the employees, processes, and software. The same can be said with Collabspot’s Goal: To help you collaborate and integrate your CRM within Gmail.  


If you have any questions on how to make this possible, email for more information.



The Collabspot Team