Collabspot publishes whitepaper, Close more deals with 1:1 Marketing automation – a new and effective approach to automation in the sales

The sales department is the backbone of any organization regardless of their size and business nature. They drive the business, earn customers and ensure that the business keeps moving forward. In the current digital powered era where a large proportion of businesses have shifted to e-commerce, sales team is equipped with a myriad of tools to automate their processes and in doing their job more effectively.

From marketing automation system, CRM and Web Analytics to standard email & calendaring solutions- your sales team need all of them to be at the top of their performance.


Why standard marketing automation is not enough?


It’s no brainer that converting a website visitor into a qualified lead requires a potential lot of effort from your marketing department. They go through a series of marketing processes from writing blog and landing page copies, search engine optimization, social bookmarking to online advertisement in extracting out potential leads.

[Tweet “Marketing automation can convert visitors into lead but they lack abilities -later in sales funnel”].

Your sales team has to resort to use multiple different tools to work around with the lead and is mainly left with their personal abilities to convert leads into customers.

This practice is time consuming, inefficient and don’t deliver results as expected!


What is 1:1 Marketing Automation?



However, if somehow, we bring the email inbox and the CRM together to create a 1:1 marketing automation system, your sales team is better at doing their job. The email inbox is the playing ground for your sales team to communicate with their leads; integrating it with the featured rich abilities of CRM enable them to be on top of their game.


Sales team requires data at their hand to be more effective in their processes and the 1:1 marketing automation approach delivers exactly that. It not only saves potential time for your sales team end but also helps in gaining wider intelligence about customer from previous experiences data- right in their inbox.




How 1:1 Marketing Automation is implemented?


Collabspot, “Closing more deals with 1:1 Marketing Automation” whitepaper defines and provides the roadmap to how organization can leverage the power of Collabspot to extend marketing automation right to the bottom of sales funnel. With its ability to bring and integrate sales CRM right into the Gmail Inbox, your sales team’s key tools and data of the trade comes right in a central location.


Your organization can integrate their popular CRM solutions into the Gmail Inbox including Salesforce, Sugar CRM and High Rise and can go about improving their sales processes and performance. It’s the perfect model of 1:1 Marketing Automation that automates the sales lifecycle and empowers your sales team with result oriented data to work with.


How 1:1 Marketing Automation help sales?


This whitepaper defines and demonstrate that why bringing the CRM into Gmail Inbox to deliver a 1:1 marketing automation platform has many benefits for sales professionals.

  • The combination of your CRM + Gmail Inbox delivers sales empowering and generating data right where your sales team needs it; they don’t have to spend time and effort to dig in and find customer information.
  • They can synchronize the lead’s data automatically with the data stored on CRM.
  • The ability to add and use email templates enables sales professionals to communicate the best and targeted message to the prospect.
  • Past performance records available right in the Inbox helps sales professionals in evaluating which email template performed best in which condition.
  • The native email tracking feature provides notifications on the statistics of email viewership and click through rate – another way for your sales team to gauge the effectiveness of their performance.
  • Moreover, [Tweet “by just having the CRM integrated into the email Inbox, the CRM utilization rate increases.”]



The ultimate goal and objective of this whitepaper is to guide businesses, sales professionals in particular, that how 1:1 Marketing Automation approach not only saves them time but also amplifies their performance. Where the sales team feels that they are left with little to work on the leads, Collabspot bridges the gap and extend marketing and sales automation right till the deal is closed!


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