July Happiness Report

It’s time for July’s Happiness Report!

It’s been five months since we aimed to provide Legendary Customer Service. It’s about time to ask: After all the changes we implemented, are we one step closer to providing legendary customer service?   Here’s a brief rundown of our goals:

  1. Response time should be lowered to 1 hour.
  2. Satisfaction rating should be at 98% – 100%.
  3. Create more documentation.
  4. Improve our internal process.

Without further ado, here’s June’s stats:


During the course of five months, we’ve added new features, fixed some bugs, improved internal processes, and created new documentation. We’ve also improved the way we respond to our customers by being professionally friendly instead of being stiff or overly friendly.


We’ve learned that Customer Service is an Art.

“Providing customer service is really easy. Providing REAL customer service is an art.”

Typical customer service processes make a customer feel that a robot is processing their concerns. That should not be the case. A customer must feel that a live human being, who cares for him/her, is resolving the issue. As customer service agents, it’s easy to resolve concerns. The question is: will you be able to make the customer feel that you went out of your way to help? If not, then you might have just been another robot created to fix things.

The trick to real customer service is the ability to make a customer feel that you went out of your way to save the day.


And here’s the cool part: Great customer service can save the day!


So how do we save the day? Start by understanding that the customer needs you to help them. You have the knowledge and tools – they don’t. Take advantage of your resources. Make things as convenient as possible for the customers.


Treat them as best friends.


It’s also important that we provide consistent quality customer service. This means: We have to save the day, everday!



The Summary

The past five months was a huge challenge for us – but we did it to save the day. Whether it’s billing, admin, feature request or tech concerns, our Support, Tech, and Dev team will always be there.

Feel free to give us a buzz at support@collabspot.com if you experience any issues. We’ll  be happy to help.