Release Notes

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” James Cash Penney

The Collabspot Dev Team have been pretty busy creating new features and fixing bugs! Here’s the result of their effort:


Enhancements and New Features

1. Contact Sync in the Sidebar – Added a ‘Sync to Google Contacts’ button in the sidebar when in Contact/Lead’s detailed view. This button is used to sync the associated contact/lead to Google Contacts. This will populate the google contact with contact name, email address, company name, title, phone and address.

  • If Contact Sync is not Enabled: Users have the option to sync a specific contact to Google, even for a contact not assigned to the user.  ( Users need to grant API permission first in order to use the function, an error message will prompt the user if they haven’t granted permission yet. )

  • If Contact Sync is Enabled: Immediate Sync, without waiting for the auto update to take place or to do the manual/force update in the portal or in the settings which takes some time to finish.

  • If Contact Sync is Enabled: Sync of contact not assigned to the user. This would be impossible with only the Contact Sync enabled.


release notes

2.  Export Button – Sugar 7 and Salesforce Version only

Users can easily get their configuration and send it to support whenever they have issues. This will help the support team to better diagnose an issue.

  1. Click on the Gear icon on the sidebar.

  2. Click on Settings > General Tab

  3. A new file named “collabspot_config_<date>.json” will be created.

  4. Send the file to Support.


release notes 2

3. Sign in to Chrome

The message will only appear when users want to activate Collabspot but haven’t logged in to their Chrome yet. Provides a reminder for users that they need to be logged in to a Chrome session with the same credentials as the Gmail account that Collabspot will be installed in.


release notes 3

4.  Indicator for required fields when creating/updating an entry.

When a user creates/updates an entry, all required fields will be preceded by a red color indicator. Users can now identify which fields are required before saving an entry.

release notes 4

5. Import Salesforce Templates

Added ‘Import your Salesforce templates’ button in the Collabspot portal when

in Email Template’s page. When users click the button, it will launch a new page that will display the list of existing templates from user’s instance. Users need to manually select the templates that they wish to import.


release notes 5

Bug Fixes

  1. Currency Symbol in Reference Modal – User reported that the currency symbol

being displayed on a modal is in USD even when users are using a different currency for an opportunity.

Fix: Users should now see the correct currency of an opportunity displaying under “Related

      entries” tab.

  1. ‘Undo Delete’ feature in Gmail – User reported that he is no longer prompted to “Undo Delete” recently deleted emails in gmail.

Fix: Users should see the ‘Undo Delete’ tooltip after deleting an email in Gmail.

3. Google’s Update – Fixed the following issues after Google’s updates:

  • Extraction of Full name

  • New UI notification – Gmail’s recent updates with their notification caused issues with Collbaspot’s notification. To solve this issue, we implemented our own UI to fix this. The notifications will pop-up on top of the sidebar.


release notes 6

4. Sidebar Continuously loading – The sidebar continuously loads when a user does not have access to one of the default modules ( Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases ).

Fix: The extension will still proceed with the search and will give results or none even the user doesn’t have access to any of these modules.

  1. Removed Invalid custom fields in Contacts[Sugar 7] – Custom fields that are not found in Sugar 7 instance are appearing and duplicated in our extension. Some of these duplicated fields are also showing the wrong type of field.

Fix: Removed invalid and duplicated fields.

6. Collabspot Notification in Google Calendar – Notification message ‘ Refresh Gmail to get the new version of Collabspot ’ keeps on popping-out every after a few minutes in the Calendar ( although no new update was released ).

Fix: Collabspot’s UI notification will no longer show-up in Google Calendar.

7. Unable to login SugarCRM 7.2 instance and Collabspot at the same time– Previously, users were unable to login to both Collabspot and Sugar 7 at the same time despite the temporary fix we provided.

Fix: Users can now login to Collabspot and their instance at the same time.

8. Unable to scroll when viewing large Emails in Gmail –

If an email contains a large content, an option to view the entire message is

available. The option gives the user to view the email in a new window and the ability to

scroll to see the rest of the message. A user reported that when enabling Collabspot,

this is impossible.

Fix: Users should now be able to scroll when Collabspot is enabled.


If you experience any issues or concerns, please mail




The Collabspot Team