June Happiness Report

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It’s time for June’s Happiness Report!

This June, we decided to feature a customer’s feedback. Why? It’s because we’ve had such a busy month and the last thing we expected was a lot of positive feedbacks – and yet we did.

That was why this particular feedback was very interesting – how did we do it with such a small staff? June’s happiness report will be an analysis of how quality customer service can be achieved as long as there are dedicated people working together to help our customers.

What happened in June – from the backend

After releasing Collabspot for Salesforce and Sugar 7.x, we became really busy. Here are the three challenges we focused on.

  • The Backend

Having a new product means being able to track information from the back end. We spent weeks developing methods to distinguish different CRMs from each other.

  • New Issues

Having a new product means having a new set of issues to resolve.

  • New Processes

We had to develop, from scratch, new processes on how to resolve new issues that emerged after releasing our new products.

Given that there were many things to manage, it was hard to imagine customers giving us positive feedback. To our surprise, the positive feedbacks kept coming.

What happened in June – what the customers saw

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“You have been awesome! Love it when people care about their products.Thank you so much, love your support!”

– The Trainers


WOW! I’m very impressed with your fast turn-around. I will evaluate and get back to you.

– Mike Woller


Fantastic service! Thanks for your help always a good experience with your support

– Neo Technology


Nori was excellent, very helpful, as well as Gino. Got the problem solved without a hitch.

– Trade Motion


It was great! Y’all fixed it quick and kept me updated. I appreciate it!

– Contemporary Art Group


The update worked like a charm. I appreciate your customer service and the team’s diligence in updating the extension.

– Print Giant


It is all working great. Thank you very much for your attentiveness and follow up.

– AVS Medical


The Takeaway – What we learned from June

Based on our customer’s feedback, we learned some pretty important stuff on how to provide quality customer service despite the numerous challenges we experienced.

  • Be Transparent

Being transparent means you’re making your customer feel that you’re doing something

to solve their concerns. Always tell them what’s going on.

  • Keep it short and simple

Customers don’t need to know all the techy details – unless they ask. Customers are

busy people. The last thing you want them to do is waste their precious time reading a

very, very long email.

  • Keep them in the loop

Keep them updated with their concerns.  What we usually do is update our customers

after the weekend. We say things like “We hope you had a great weekend! Here’s the

status of your concern…”. By doing this, customers know that we’re working on their concern as soon as the week starts.

  • Show you care

Showing you care is very important. Its starts from answering emails within a few minutes or hours from the time they sent it. It’s about being professional and friendly in every conversation. It’s about knowing that customers are important – and making them know that they’re important.


We’re here to serve you.

Don’t forget that you can always give us a buzz if there’s anything we can help you with.

We’ll always be here.



The Collabspot Team