May Happiness Report

It’s time for May’s Happiness Report!

Ask yourself, what is customer service? Is it about serving the customer? Is it about being nice to the customer because they are the best form of advertisement? Is it about profit?

Christopher McCormick has the best answer of them all: customer service

I’m very lucky to be part of the Collabspot Team. It’s easy to see that everyone here has a desire to make sure our customers are happy. We weren’t trained to think that way. Everyone just wants to go that extra mile.

It’s amazing how our Tech and Dev team are willing to go overtime just to fix a bug. The Support Team answers tickets on weekends even if they’re not required to. We spend hours talking about the best way we can track and resolve concerns. No one asked us to – we just want to help. Period.

Go the extra mile for anyone who needs help.

Looking back…

Here are some of the things we did last month:

1. Escalation Process.

We experimented different escalation processes. In the end, we decided that the escalation process would be from Support, Tech, then Dev Team.

2. Tagged Tickets.

We started tagging tickets that had out-of-the-ordinary issues. Hopefully, we can organize all those tickets by June.

3. Getting a new member!

Our goal is to get another team member who will cover the morning shift (EST). This way, we can help people almost any time of the day.

4. Improved communication between Support and Tech.

One of the issues we had was communicating updates to each other. Solution? We created a chatroom for Support and Tech to keep everyone updated.


May’s Stats


What people notice when you go that extra mile.

We don’t expect anything in return when we go out of our way to help. This is why we feel really happy when the people we help comment on how happy they are with the way we helped them.

Here are some of the things they’ve said:


Thank you. You’re always so helpful!
I feel very satisfied and ready to conquer the world. You’ve been wonderful, thank you.”
~ Lila Carpenter


I guess you are the quickest Zendesk Agent around (:
5 stars!

~ Jia Liu


Seriously, you deserve a trophy for how fast you answer my questions.

~ Janis Grevins


In the course of the last five days I have had bad customer service from two firms, and great customer service with two firms. Happy to report that Collabspot is in the latter category. The thing that makes it great is that you listen to what I was saying and gave a precise answer rather than a general corporate framework that might or might not apply

~ John Hannon


Good service!!! Keep up the good job, quick in the support, friendly staff, a recipe for a winning team!

~ Jan Kristian Stroemsnes


Great. Fast. No nonsense process. Love it.

~ Cindy Pfos


We’ll do our best !


With the release of Collabspot for Salesforce and Sugar 7.x, things will become very, very busy. We are determined to keep if not exceed the level of service we are providing you. Please know that our Support and Dev team are working very hard to resolve your concerns as soon as possible.


We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve your concerns. Just give us a buzz if there is anything we can help you with. We’ll always be here to help.




The Collabspot Team