New Collabspot release for Salesforce

Our robust CRM integration in Gmail is now available for Salesforce.

With Collabspot for Salesforce, all Salesforce users can now close more deals while saving time.

Collabspot provides a unique bundle of 3 sets of features:

1/ Optimized 1:1 Interaction with Customers Helps Salespeople Close More Deals, using:

  • Email Templates
  • Email Tracking
  • Send Later email
  • Create & Follow-up Tasks
  • Instant Email Notification
  • Analytics to find best practices

2/ Sidebar Integration in Gmail Helps Salespeople Save Hours of Time per Week:
They can view, create and change all available customer information in Salesforce from their Gmail inbox at the click of button. No more switching back and forth between Gmail and Salesforce.

3/ Calendar and Contact Synchronization + 1-Click Email Archiving in Salesforce:
Managers are guaranteed that all information is available and accurate in both systems, while giving salespeople the freedom to choose where they prefer to work.

Collabspot is the only provider bundling this unique set of features in one application:

  • Avoid the burden of using two chrome extensions – Don’t slow down your browser unnecessarily – Don’t loose time switching between extensions.
  • Avoid the cost of two applications. Pay for only one application, starting at $15/user/month, rather the $39 for Cirrus Insight and Yesware. We believe that our application should not cost more than 15 to 20% of the price of Salesforce’s.

Discover Collabspot for Salesforce, and Install our 15 day free trial.

Contact Laurent for more information: