Customer of the Week: Hugo Levasseur


1. What is your role and how long have you been with Spundge?

I am an Account Manager at Spundge. I am the bridge between our customers and the company. I support customers whose account I am in charge of, and I establish a good relationship with them.


2.Can you tell us something about what Spundge offers?

We offer an all-in-one Content Creation, Delivery and Monetization Solution. Customers can create notebooks, with a title and specific keywords. Spundge will then filter content or articles based on those keywords, and deliver it in your notebook. It can even track content on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


3. What was your biggest challenge before installing Collabspot?

Before Collabspot, I needed to maintain email threads manually in SugarCRM. But Collabspot helps me save time; I can now dedicate more hours to serving our customers.


4. What was your initial impression of Collabspot? Why do you love Collabspot?

Collabspot is great! It let’s me focus on core activities rather than tedious maintenance tasks.


5. What’s your favorite feature/s and why?

The email integration. Collabspot simplifies my work.

More Info on SugarCRM and Gmail Integration: Collabspot users can save 5 hours of work each week which would otherwise be spent on switching and the manual input of client information from Gmail to SugarCRM. Now, you can view your client/prospect’s information straight from your Gmail. It is now easy to update vital information to SugarCRM, right from your Gmail inbox. To see what else Gmail integration can do, click here.


6. How has Collabspot made things easier for you and helped you close more deals?

Collabspot has made my use of Sugarcrm simpler. I can update my client’s information on SugarCRM through Gmail. I can also view my client’s information and the history of our interaction straight from Gmail. It couldn’t get any simpler than this!


7. What is the best sales tip you can share to other salespeople?

Use the tools that will help you focus on your customers while maintaining detailed accounts on them. And Collabspot is a really helpful tool that can help you save time and helps you give your customers  world-class service, and of course, helps you close more deals!


To experience Collabspot for yourself, you can start a free trial here. Or you can contact us  for more information.

New Collabspot release for Salesforce

Our robust CRM integration in Gmail is now available for Salesforce.

With Collabspot for Salesforce, all Salesforce users can now close more deals while saving time.

Collabspot provides a unique bundle of 3 sets of features:

1/ Optimized 1:1 Interaction with Customers Helps Salespeople Close More Deals, using:

  • Email Templates
  • Email Tracking
  • Send Later email
  • Create & Follow-up Tasks
  • Instant Email Notification
  • Analytics to find best practices

2/ Sidebar Integration in Gmail Helps Salespeople Save Hours of Time per Week:
They can view, create and change all available customer information in Salesforce from their Gmail inbox at the click of button. No more switching back and forth between Gmail and Salesforce.

3/ Calendar and Contact Synchronization + 1-Click Email Archiving in Salesforce:
Managers are guaranteed that all information is available and accurate in both systems, while giving salespeople the freedom to choose where they prefer to work.

Collabspot is the only provider bundling this unique set of features in one application:

  • Avoid the burden of using two chrome extensions – Don’t slow down your browser unnecessarily – Don’t loose time switching between extensions.
  • Avoid the cost of two applications. Pay for only one application, starting at $15/user/month, rather the $39 for Cirrus Insight and Yesware. We believe that our application should not cost more than 15 to 20% of the price of Salesforce’s.

Discover Collabspot for Salesforce, and Install our 15 day free trial.

Contact Laurent for more information:

April Happiness Report

We Understand…

…That the most important part is to show you that we care. Collabspot is all about collaboration – and it’s not a simple collaboration between us and your company. It’s about creating a strong relationship with you.

We wanted to personalize the experience.

It all started when Anna wanted to reduce the average response time to one hour and Ela wanted to resolve the technical issues as fast as possible. We tried out a lot of ideas. It was really fun because everyone, including the Dev team, were working together to find ways to improve the way we resolve your concerns. Below are some of the things we did:

  1. View the status of a ticket at a glance (Tagging system)
    We created a system to help us see, at a glance, where the ticket is and who the ticket should be assigned to.
  2. Escalation Process
    We determined when and how to escalate an issue from customer service to technical support to the development team.
  3. Internal Knowledgebase
    Since there was so much to know, we created an internal knowledgebase to help us keep track of the standard policies and procedures.
  4. Troubleshooting Steps
    Collabspot deals with numerous applications like Google, SugarCRM, Salesforce, Highrise, and many more. We started having meetings with the Dev and Tech team to find out the most systematic way we can troubleshoot a customer’s issue.
  5. Be professionally friendly
    Since Collabspot is growing, we knew it was time to start replying in a professional manner; however, we wanted to keep a friendly tone. The result? We started changing the way we reply to emails by being professionally friendly in every conversation. 🙂

The Fruit of our Hard Work

Did we make our customers happy?

The ultimate question was: After all the changes we made, did we make our customers happy? The great new is, we did!

“It just plain works. We are using Collabspot for ~100 users who are never happy (sales). But with Collabspot, everyone is finally happy! Support is fast, responsive and flexible. Thanks! ”

Jill (Aerotech)

“Thanks so much for all the help you (Ela) and Nori and Anna have provided. You have gone so far beyond the normal support that I have received from other organizations.”

Craig (Academy of Interactive Entertainment)

“Woow, that was fast 🙂
Thank you so much.
All the best, Mark”

Mark Valentini

“Thanks so much, you guys are the best!”

Chelsea (Real Estate Concepts)

“Great, thanks Nori! Keep up the great work.”

Chris (President and Founder, Landscape Leadership)

“Excellent! You’re wonderful.”

Emmy (Blank Spaces)

“Also many thanks to you, it was great you took the time and will further look into our improvement requests!”

Michael (Weburi)

“It works! Thank you so much for all the work that went into this!”

Justin (Technology Advisors)

These kind words are the reason why we’re finding ways to serve you better. It gives us the motivation to improve the way we handle your concerns.

Feel free to give us a buzz for just about anything. We’ll always be here.

The Collabspot Team


Entry with Audio

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