SugarCon 2014: A Sweet Event

We’ll Be There

An exciting event is going to happen this coming Monday, April 28, and Collabspot will be there, and so should you!

At SugarCon 2014 software providers and developers gather together with industry stakeholders. It is the perfect venue for SugarCRM customers (or those who wants to try or shift to SugarCRM), as they will see an exclusive glimpse of how CRM will evolve in the decade ahead.

We participated in last year’s Sugar Conference and we will join again for this year’s conference, which promises to be even better and more fun.

Our Newest App

SugarCRM and their partners, Collabspot included, will introduce new solutions that will change the course of customer service. During the conference, our CEO Laurent Gasser and Founder Jeremi Joslin will launch Collabspot’s newest application, the 1:1 Marketing Automation Tool.

At the Collabspot booth which we put up just for you, we will hold a demo on how effective our software is at helping you close more deals. Not only that, we will also give out a free 6-month upgrade to our 1:1 Marketing Automation Tool App when you sign up. This also applies to our existing customers who visit our booth.

CEO Gasser will also give an insightful talk about our new app and how it will help salespeople in creating powerful, personalized marketing communications to their prospects in the blink of an eye. Our new app features notifications and calls to actions. These and other features will enable you to close more deals.

SugarCon 2014 is expecting 1,000 other attendees who will have the choice of dozens of interactive sessions, tracks, panels and training courses.

Attendees will also be networking with fellow salespeople and entrepreneurs. They get a chance to have a casual chat with industry experts during evening receptions and fun companion events.

All of these and more are rolled into one if you join SugarCon 2014. Block your calendar from April 28 to May 01 and head out to San Francisco. But first, don’t forget to register here. We’ll see you there and together, let’s enjoy the ride.