Customer of the Week: Lewis Yildirimturk

Customer of the Week: Lewis Yildirimturk

The never ending changes in web development are an ongoing challenge to [Affordable Web Design and Marketing, Inc.](, a company that provides website design and web marketing services.

“The biggest challenge is to keep up with the changes in search engines. But we always go the extra mile to make our clients happy and satisfied with our work,” Lewis Yildirimturk says, Founder and President.

However, the company which uses Google Apps, had a hard time integrating Highrise and Gmail. It was also difficult to go back and forth between Highrise and emails, recalls Yildirimturk.

To further ensure excellent service to its customers, his company now uses Collabspot. Collabspot integrates CRM tools like Highrise into Gmail and lets users save a lot of time and close more deals.

When asked about his initial impression of Collabspot, Yildirimturk said that their company “really liked it a lot.”

“This is a great add-on for Highrise CRM uses. Collabspot is the main reason we are using Highrise. Without this add-on, we would not be using Highrise,” he said.

Yildirimturk said that Collabspot makes it easy to view contact information, upcoming and recent activities, among other things, even without opening Highrise. He can also view the previous messages, create new contacts and leads, and log emails within Gmail.

This saves the company a lot of time. “It is much easier to follow up with leads or answer client’s questions,” he adds.

Because of its edge over the competition, and with the help of Collabspot, Affordable Web Design and Marketing, Inc. now has over 400 satisfied customers.

When asked to share his best sales tip to others, Yildirimturk suggested that they find a way to integrate CRM and email, which is the backbone in communicating with clients.

“Your best option is Collabspot. Trust me. I tried a lot of systems since 1998,” he says. “In all honesty, a lot of people use Gmail. Collabspot makes the integration between Highrise and Gmail so much easier. It saves us a lot of time. We love it and highly recommend it.”