Happiness Goal Report

“The goal, as a company, is to have customer service that is not just the best – but legendary.” Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart

Reaching our Legendary Dream

We have a dream of providing you, our customers, the Legendary Customer Service. We know it will be tough. It will be a huge challenge. But we’re here provide you something better than the best – legendary.

Following the idea of Buffer, we started our own Happiness Report. Only this time, our goal is to not have the best customer service – we want to provide legendary customer service. We’d like to share with you, our customers, how the Collabspot team is working hand-in-hand to reach our Legendary Customer Service Dream.

The Happiness Goals

Goal # 1: Quick Response Time
Description: Tickets should be replied to in an hour.
Status: We’re getting there! We jumped from 6.5 hours in December, 3.10 hours in January to 2.9 hours in February! One hour response time, here we come.


Goal # 2: Improve our Tech Support
Description: We understand how frustrating it can be to have tech issues.
The issue is: We spend so much time setting up a date for a
Hangout or getting more information about the issue when we could have used the time to resolve a concern. We’re currently
planning on adding a Video Capture or Booking software.
Status: Ongoing

Goal #3: The Knowledge base
Description: The best way to help our customers is to have a Knowledge base.
This way, we have our standard operating procedures in one place.
Each member can add their SOPs for everyone to see. The easier it is for us to find a solution to your concern, the faster we help you!
Status: 25% Complete

Goal # 4: Updates and Fixes
Description: Our Technical and Dev team are working hard to give you juicy new features.
We respond to customers who request for much needed features. At the same time, we fix the bugs.
Check out this blog to see the status of all our bugs.
Status: Ongoing

Goal # 5: Monitor our Growth
Description: We need to monitor if we are improving. We want to improve the way we handle the service while making our customers happy.
Status: Ongoing



We’ve set our goals. Now, we’re ready for March!

Help us reach our Dream!
If you have ideas on how we can improve the way we serve you, leave a comment! We’ll be more than happy to be one step closer to this dream.