Release Notes Collabspot for SugarCRM Version 2014.02.25

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” James Cash Penney

Our team has been working hard to create new features and some fix for current bugs.

Enhancement or New Features:

  1. New look: Collabspot Portal and Setup, I hope you will like it.


  2. Updated error message for clients using an unsupported SugarCRM version

    Customers using an unsupported SugarCRM version will receive an error message whenever they
    enter the credentials in Collabspot. The error message will now display as: “You’re in an unsupported version of SugarCRM”.

  3. Tasks with no due date are now displayed on the Homepage Task List

    It is now possible to view tasks in the Tasks List without a due date.

  4. Email Templates: Validation

    In previous versions, users are not able to identify what was causing the errors on their email templates when using dynamic fields.
    In this new version, an error message will pop up if the template fields were incorrectly filled.

Bugs and Fixes:

  1. Currency

    Bug: The amount in Opportunities are displaying as “USD $” even if the set currency is in Euro on SugarCRM.

    Reason: The currency will set to the default currency (USD $) if:
    The user doesn’t have a currency symbol set in their current currency
    The user doesn’t have a currency symbol after updating the currency of an amount in the extension

    Status: Fixed

  2. The old format is used when a page is redirected from Collabspot to Sugar

    Bug: This fix is specific for 7-7.1.5 users. This version of Sugar shows a new interface that includes
    dashboard layout and new navigation features. Previously, when a user clicks on a Contact or Account or an entry from
    their Collabspot sidebar, they were being redirected to an old url format, which was causing some display issues on their SugarCRM.

    Fix: We have updated the links to the new url format of Sugar which shows the upgraded UI of Sugar 7 and above.

    Status: Fixed

  3. Custom fields with checkboxes

    Bug: When users try to enable or tick the checkbox, the said field will return to default (unchecked) after it is updated.

    Reason: Some type of checkbox fields like “Sync to look” and “Converted” are disabled by default

    Status: Fixed

    “Sync to Outlook” are for Outlook users; however, all of our customers are using Gmail. No one should be using this field.
    “Converted” fields should not be set using checkboxes. To convert leads in Sugar, click the “Convert to Contact” button on the lead’s detail view.

  4. Sidebar overlaps Google Chat’s right-side display

    Bug: Due to Google’s changes, the Collabspot sidebar overlaps the chat area when “right-side chat is enabled” and the drawer is opened.

    Status: Fixed. The sidebar is placed before Google Chat.

  5. Subject name of emails are not shown when saved to sugar

    Bug: When viewing the emails that were added to Sugar, the subject name is not displayed.

    Reason: Google’s recent changes

    Status: Fixed

To report an issue found in this release, please email