Collabspot Release Notes

This document describes the changes made in Collabspot.

Collabspot Version 2014.02.06

Enhancement or New Features:

Collabspot now supports decimal (.) as currency thousand separators and comma (,) as decimal separators.

US and UK are one of the few countries in the world that use a period (.) to indicate the decimal place and comma (,) as thousand separators. Some countries, mostly in Europe, use decimal points (.) as thousand separators and comma (,) to indicate decimals.

Collabspot now supports using any of these values in your currency fields.

Bugs and Fixes

  1. Task Lists in Inbox
    • Bug: Task list in Inbox was not showing tasks due for current date and recently overdue tasks.
    • Fix: Task list in Inbox now shows tasks that are due for today and tasks that are recently overdue. This makes it easier for someone who is working on a daily task list to check on what needs to be done for the day.

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