Prove your email efficiency


Are you an email champion who gets fast replies and answers in a heartbeat? Now you can prove it!

Collabspot starts the new year with a competition to find the most efficient emailer. All participants get an automatic analysis of their email performance. There is no room for vagueness. Use Collabspot Performance to measure your email performance with simple metrics that tell everything about your efficiency.

Are you ready to see your email performance in the clear light of day?

How We Measure Email Efficiency

Email is a communication tool. It helps you collaborate with customers and suppliers to get things done. And a job well done is even better when it’s done quickly. Efficient email is about speed: the best mailers give quick replies and compel others to reply quickly to them.

Email performance is especially important for salespeople. In sales, the best close is a fast close.

Every participant can use Collabspot Performance to get an objective analysis of their email. You get a report that shows various metrics. Collabspot Performance is always objective and will give insight into your email behavior.

This competition is part of a global research program into email behavior. The combined data of all the participants will give valuable insights into the way businesspeople communicate with others outside the company.

How We Spot a Winner

Test yourself and compete for the title of “most efficient emailer”. The winner will get a Nexus 5.

The competition spans a period of two weeks until February 4th. If you sign up for Collabspot Performance during that time, you compete for the title of “most efficient emailer”.

For this competition, we will evaluate each participant on one simple metric: what was the response rate of customers and suppliers, 24 hours after you sent email. We will look at the reply rate of all the emails outside the domain of your company.

    Conditions for participation:

  • Your company must have Google Apps
  • You need to have sent over 100 emails in 2013 and got a reply.
  • We keep the right to withdraw your participation if we think you cheated.
  • You must be in a sales position.

Sign up now
to assess your email performance and compete for the title of
“most efficient emailer of 2013”.
If you win, you will get the new Nexus 5 smartphone!