Collabspot is now a certified SugarCRM apps

SugarCRM, one of the world’s fastest-growing customer relationship management software company has certified a few
select applications. Collabspot is proud to be a part of the list as the only Google Apps integration to be
. In order to get certified by SugarCRM, they needed to validate a number of important factors. Let’s
look at why Collabspot got the certification:

  • Security: Customers are safe with us. We do not store any of your data and your credentials to SugarCRM
    are stored into your browser only. If you are using the calendar and contact synchronization, we will only
    store the hashed version of your password on our Google’s servers. As our backend is build on Google Cloud
    platform, you enjoy the same level of security as for your Google Apps.
  • Reliability: with our talented and dedicated team, not only Collabspot offers you a very stable app, it
    also offers you exceptional customer support with 24 hours guaranteed response time. And of course, you enjoy
    the fantastic reliability of the Google Cloud Platform, as for your Google Apps
  • Simplicity: with our simple user interface, users can easily find their way around the extension.
  • Usefulness: the increased productivity that Collabspot offers its users is simply invaluable.

Check out Collabspot integration of gmail and SugarCRM on the Sugar Exchange with the certified logo.