New Packages & More Features for SugarCRM Users, More Value for Your Money!

The word is out! We are excited to announce that we have now launched our new packages for SugarCRM users and they come with more features. Let’s quickly look at what it means for you:

  • Premium subscribers now get contacts and calendar sync features for free. This was previously only available to VIP package subscribers.
  • New Enterprise Package: Our enterprise package now comes with custom module features. Do you have custom modules created on your SugarCRM? You can now view them on your Collabspot extension, with the help of our resellers for the setup.
  • Get an admin panel with any package and have complete control over your account (add new subscriber, change an email address, switch a subscriber) as soon as you get a second subscriber license.

Check out our complete Collabspot for sugarCRM price list.

If you have any questions or want to know how Collabspot can help you achieve your sales goals, please contact us at