Enabling collaboration: crossing over the imaginary integration line

This is a guest post written by John Mertic, Solutions Architect and Community Manager at SugarCRM.

I’m a big fan of the UNIX philosophy when it comes to software: build one tool to do one job, make it do that job really well and let it work with other tools to get the job done. I think this notion perfectly captures collaboration as well; it’s less about being intertwined tightly but more about being connected at the right points to help make what you are doing more effective.

How does the Collabspot Google Mail/SugarCRM integration makes this possible? Your sales team lives out of both their record keeping tool (CRM) and communications tool (Email). It’s obvious that having the ability to send emails from CRM is key, but I think the forgotten piece of the puzzle is going backwards from email to CRM. People need to know context of the sender and recipients of the email to know how to best respond. They need to be able to create tasks and reminders for later. And they want others to know what’s going on with the interactions with the customer, to give that context on what they’ve done to the others in the organization. Collabspot does all of this.

But the hidden challenge is doing it with ease. At SugarCRM we promote our mantra of “Every user, every customer, every time”, which means we want to promote the efficiency and usability of the solution to make sure the interaction you have with your customer is effective every time. To do this, you need your tools to work together. Switching browser tabs consistently, or building broad dashboards doesn’t help that. To be truly effective, you need those connections at the right points to really help your team, whether sales, support, or operations, drive more sales and customer success. This is the true value add of a well-connected integration.

So are you looking to make your organization more collaborative? Then look past the imaginary lines by looking at great tools like Collabspot that better enable you to make every connection count.