We’re going to SugarCon 2013!

Recently, our Gmail integration with SugarCRM made us the Sugar App of the Month for March 2013. We also successfully held a webinar hosted by the SugarCRM community that showcased how our sales email platform for Gmail provides a window to SugarCRM.

SugarCon 2013

In line with all these events, I’ll be joining this year’s SugarCon! I’ll be there to meet with our users and resellers. If you will be around and would like to meet, drop me an email at jjoslin@collabspot.com.

SugarCon is an annual gathering that includes a speaker lineup of CRM experts, thought leaders, and leading industry analysts. It will be held on April 8-11 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.

For those who haven’t used Collabspot, just go here to install our integration of Gmail and SugarCRM.

Collabspot has turned Gmail into a fully-functional small business CRM – Gyi from AttorneySync

As a digital legal marketing agency, staying in contact with our clients, prospects and partners is critical to our ability to deliver effective results.

Over the last 5 years, our CRM dance card has been quite full. I can think of at least six CRM solutions that we tried unsuccessfully to make work. In fact, we even left one only to come back to it later.

The common predicament was that tools would always be close to, but still lacking, some key and deal-breaking functionalities or integrations.

But we finally found our perfect recipe: Collabspot + Google Apps + Highrise. I’ll briefly discuss how it works for us.

Email comes into Google Apps.

Our business uses Google Apps for business. For us, it just works. More importantly, it stays out of the way. However, at least as of now (without the addition of a variety of extensions), Apps isn’t a solid stand-alone CRM. That’s where 37signals Highrise comes into play.

Highrise was one of the first CRM solutions we used. We left Highrise and tried a variety of others. We were dumb. We were wrong. We came back. Highrise is the best CRM for us. And likely, if you’re a small business, it’s the best CRM for you (but that’s obviously a gross over-generalization, go check it for yourself).

Now while Highrise has dropbox functionality, for us, it doesn’t quite get the integration job done, at least not by itself. That’s where Collabspot comes in.

So now, whenever I handle my emails, my CRM is just about fully integrated with my email service.

Collabpost pulls Highrise into Google Apps.

With Collabspot, I can add a message to Highrise from within Gmail:

Add to Highrise

I can also auto-BCC my message to Highrise. This is a very effective “catch-all” to prevent messages being lost in the Gmail clutter:

Highrise BCC

But the real Collabspot coolness is the direct access to Highrise contacts, deals, and cases. Instead of having to learn all of the special dropbox addresses, I can add new tasks, deals, and cases associated with contacts with the click of a link:

Easy creation of entries in Highrise from Gmail

While there a several benefits to being able to access Highrise from within Gmail, for us, the most significant is probably the ability to set follow-ups. This way, we’re not bouncing back and forth between Gmail and Highrise, which not only streamlines the follow-up process, but has also greatly reduced the number of dropped balls.

We are also extremely excited about the recent addition of Collabspot email templates:

While we’re just getting started with email templates, I have already seen the impact on efficiency for getting out common quick responses to clients.

The Google Apps – Collabspot – Highrise mix is essential to our business. It has basically turned Gmail into a fully-functional small business CRM.
Balancing affordability with function, you’ll be hard-pressed to top it.

About the Guest Author:

Gyi Tsakalakis operates a web strategy consultancy called AttorneySync. He also writes for Lawyerist. His personal website is at gyitsakalakis.com.