The importance of solving CRM adoption for today’s sales

There is divided opinion whether investing in a CRM is justified and if implementing one does bring more sales for a company. According to a survey by Gartner, Inc., the world’s largest technology research and advisory firm, more than 50 percent of CRM implementations are considered failures from the company’s point of view. On the other hand, consider a recent study from Nucleus Research. It states that for every dollar a company invests in a CRM, they get a $5.60 return of investment. I believe that CRM implementations fail not because of what CRMs fail to offer in essence since they are helpful in themselves, but because of the difficulties companies face with CRM adoption.

A CRM, in its basic form, contains features that help salespeople take advantage of the unified information about leads and using these information to steer more of their leads into deals that are won. CRMs also encourage collaboration and seamless task management among sales teams. Through the use of a CRM, information is gathered in one place and can easily be managed. Delegation of tasks also takes seconds when using a CRM. These features can only be fully utilized when data is consistent between different areas where customer data is stored, and when customer communications are automatically being tracked.

Solving CRM adoption is all about increasing sales productivity, by removing unwanted steps in the workflow of salespeople. This makes salespeople close more deals faster and saves them time as a result.

When the problem of adoption is surpassed, then it’s only a matter of time before the positive effects of having a CRM become imminent for companies who have taken the leap. CRMs have been around since the 1990’s but only in the last decade have they been put into the tech spotlight due to recent advancements on the web. Take the notable growths of Salesforce (included in Forbes fastest growing companies) and SugarCRM (shooting for an IPO this year after they recently went cashflow positive) who are making full use of the cloud. Also, only recently have the problem of CRM adoption been addressed through integrations across various web-based services, e.g. CRM-email integrations like Cirrus Insight and Collabspot . Those in the enterprise world who took advantage of how the web is connecting the world in new ways have truly taken their sales productivity to another level.