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Figuring out how to work fast and efficiently is always on my mind. As the owner of a fast paced web development company, MarkNet Group, my team juggles multiple projects, marketing activities, sales and operations. The faster we get things done without compromising quality means a higher profit margin.

One of our favorite tool sets is the seamless integration of Collabspot, Highrise and Gmail. We call them the trifecta at the office. Here is how they help us increase productivity and revenue:

1. Moving Over to Google Apps for Business

This was the best operations move we ever made. No more IT headaches dealing with the Exchange servers and remote access. We share our calendars, documents and take advantage of the Google Apps tool set such as the pre-canned emails that have improved our response time on inquiries.

2. Virtual CRM that is Simple to Use – Enter Highrise

We already had a CRM but people were not using it because the learning curve was too high or cumbersome to use. This all changed when we discovered Highrise. It integrates with our project management system, Basecamp, and everyone uses it to capture leads, customers, notes, etc. No more annoying calls from co-workers asking for customer details on something I already explained. It is all in Highrise or Basecamp and its easy to access.

3. Marrying Gogle Apps and Highrise – The Savior – Collabspot

I had one minor problem with my Google Apps and Highrise setup – I had to keep clicking between my Highrise browser tab and my Google Apps tab. This may sound like a minor issue but when you get 50 important emails an hour (like I do), this is an issue. When I am in a rush I would opt to not transfer information from my email to Highrise then waste time digging through my emails. Collabspot has solved these problems for me wonderfully.

Here is my trifecta workflow:

Sales Workflow

  • A prospect expresses an interest in our services.
  • Using Collabspot, I immediately add them to Highrise as a prospect without leaving gmail. A few simple clicks and presto, they are in Highrise.
  • I then click the Deals link in Collabspot and they are now added to my Deals/Pipeline with all of the details.
  • I reply and the email is attached to the prospect and deal in Highrise.
  • If I need to get input from a co-worker before I reply now they can see the same deal I added and read the details. They respond and I get a note emailed to me.
  • As I am exchanging emails with the prospect, using Collabspot, I can check off ‘add to Highrise’ and all of the communications are stored in Highrise under the deal.

Customer Support

  • Customers email us for support and without leaving gmail, we click on our Collabspot tab and create a Case and/or Task in Highrise.
  • I can even assign it to a specific person and they get an email notification. All this without leaving my gmail.
  • If I get a follow up email, I click on my Collabspot tab and this clients activity appears to the right. No more going through emails, I can view their Highrise activity without leaving gmail.

Collabspot has enabled us to increase our productivity and profits margins. Being able to do some without leaving our inbox not only helps us work faster in the moment but saves us time because now we actually use our CRM. Capturing all of the important communications and deals within Highrise means its easy to review case history and provide better support.

The seamless integration of Gmail, Highrise and Collabspot is now the “can’t live without” toolset in our company.

About the guest author:

Gina Nieves is an expert at getting increased sales through websites. Since founding MarkNet Group, she has overseen the design of 500 websites and $30 million in sales. She writes about how to increase sales through your website on her blog. You can follow her at Google+ or Twitter.