Tim from Cloudspace on using Collabspot

Collabspot is what Highrise should have built a long time ago. It’s the perfect tool for doing consultative sales — I end up focusing on small numbers of people, and being able to easily document our discussions and schedule followups are huge for me!

For my workflow, there are two killer features in the Collabspot plugin for Gmail:

  • The first is being able to automatically BCC my Highrise account so that important emails get saved into Highrise. There’s an option to BCC every email I send, but I tend to use the one-click option to choose which ones are saved so that I don’t clutter Highrise with things like scheduling calls and other minor back-and-forth emails.
  • The other thing is that I can add tasks without having to open Highrise in a separate tab and search for that contact to add a task. The time savings from this alone is worth the premium version of Collabspot (which is still only $9/month).

One thing that I really appreciate which isn’t usually talked about as much — the support. After I signed up, I found that when creating a contact through Collabspot, I ended up having to fill in some of the fields by hand, even though the information was in my contact’s footer. I emailed Jeremi to ask him about this, and he told me that it was already on their roadmap for the next release. When I reported a (small) bug in the new feature, it was fixed in days. Especially given the high-touch, collaborative sales that Cloudspace relies on, seeing another company that does this reminds me that they’re going to take care of me.

I went through the 15-day trial and immediately signed up for a full year of the premium plan. Everyone who uses Highrise and Gmail’s web interface should use Collabspot.

About the guest author:

Tim Rosenblatt handles business development at Cloudspace, a full-stack web and mobile software development agency.