Save yourself from repetitive writing using email templates!

Today we’re happy to introduce our extension’s new feature: email templates.

Salespeople can now save time from doing repetitive emails by using the email templates feature in Gmail Labs. This also removes the stress associated with writing the same thing over and over again, so that salespeople can focus more on personalization rather than repetition.

The email templates can be accessed when composing a message in Gmail, using the button with an email icon.

It will show you a list of existing email templates that you can use. Selecting a template will load it in your Gmail compose form.

To create a new template, just click on the button found under the list of existing templates. This will bring you to the template editor page. Clicking on the pen icon beside each existing template’s name will also bring you to the template editor page, as seen below.

The template editor page contains a text editor where you can fill out the title and body of your template. It also contains the dynamic fields that can be included in the template and automatically extracted from the current email that’s opened.

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