How we use Highrise with Gmail and Google Apps

I’m very delighted to bring you the final post for the Highrise series of blog posts! It’s about how we effectively use Highrise alongside our Gmail or Google Apps (GA) mailboxes as we communicate with our customers. The key ingredient here is our very own extension which brings Highrise in Gmail/GA, saving us time from all the window-swapping and customer data management between CRM and email.

Collabspot UI

Increase your sales team’s CRM adoption

Our sales team undeniably spends most of their time doing emails. On top of that, using a CRM such as Highrise requires additional work for them to be able to organize data found in their emails. With Collabspot, CRM adoption is improved and this has led us to a more streamlined sales workflow:

The extension’s way of displaying information allows contacts to be easily recognized and other CRM data faster to navigate. It uses different colors to designate different types of data in Highrise. The extension also behaves like a drawer, so it is unintrusive when we’re using other extensions or when we just need the basic Gmail interface. We are continuously making CRM adoption better for salespeople.

Simplify data entry into Highrise

Having easily accessible data have encouraged our sales team for quicker engagement, which is a plus since customers are always delighted and feel valued upon receiving quick replies.

The extension allows you to easily capture contact details found in an email into Highrise. This means that upon creating a contact, fields such as phone number and address are automatically extracted from the email. This simplifies data entry into Highrise.

Improved data quality

As a marketing/sales representatives and business developers, we need to constantly keep customer information up-to-date. We also need to keep a record of what needs to be done per contact. Collabspot prevents new leads from falling through the cracks by displaying correspondence history of any contact found in Highrise. It also allows you to create tasks while composing an email.

Get started in using Collabspot – Highrise for Gmail / Google Apps

Interested users can install the extension through this page. If you’d like to be convinced more, you can check out our success stories page containing people who have beared witness on how the extension has given them sales productivity boosts. Finally, we have a product tour page which contains a getting started video and a brief rundown of some of the extension’s most important features.