How to create and manage Highrise tasks

Note: This is the sixth of a series of blog posts on how to use Highrise to better manage customer data and efficiently serve leads and customers. Here are the links to the previous posts:

Whether it’s sending a follow-up email, or doing preparations for an upcoming meeting, or scheduling a call, it’s always a good idea to keep track of them as task items. Our brains are not very adept in remembering everything that needs to be done, this is why storing them in some list is very handy. For users of Highrise, this is where tasks come in.

Add Highrise task

To add a new task, just use the “New Task” button on the top menu of the Highrise interface (see image above). Every task has four attributes: title, due, the person assigned to the task, and category. One notable feature about tasks in Highrise is that you can associate a task to an existing contact or company in the CRM (see image below).

Create Highrise task for contact

To view all the tasks that are assigned to you, just go to the tasks page in Highrise. The link can be found on the left sidebar of the Highrise interface. Here you will be able to view all your upcoming tasks and even those that are already overdue.

Highrise tasks

Do you use Gmail to interact with your Highrise contacts? If yes, have you ever wished you could create Highrise tasks from within your Gmail inbox? This can be done through our productivity extension for Highrise and Gmail users: Collabspot. If you have a contact in Gmail that’s also existing in Highrise, Collabspot allows you to create a task that’s associated to that contact, without having to leave Gmail! To get started right away, you can install it from the Chrome Web Store.