How to use your Highrise email dropboxes

Note: This is the fifth of a series of blog posts on how to use Highrise to better manage customer data and efficiently serve leads and customers. Here are the links to the previous posts:

Highrise has this cool feature of giving you specific email addresses that you can use to 1) attach emails to existing Highrise contacts, and 2) create tasks in your Highrise account. To find these email addresses, simply click on the “My info” link on the top right of the Highrise UI. The email dropbox is the first tab in that page.

Setting up the sender addresses

Before anything else, let me note that Highrise email dropboxes only work when you’re sending from an email address that’s registered in Highrise. To register additional email addresses, scroll down under the email dropbox tab until you see the form shown in the image below. Use this form to add other email addresses as authorized senders for your Highrise email dropboxes.

Highrise addresses

Use your personal email dropbox to attach emails to Highrise contacts

Highrise personal email dropbox

When you’re composing an email to an existing contact in Highrise, you can BCC that email to your Highrise account using your personal email dropbox. The result is that the message will not only be sent to the contact, but will also be attached to the contact’s page in Highrise. To do this, simply BCC any email of interest to your personal email dropbox in Highrise (as seen above).

Use your “Create a task” dropboxes to create tasks in Highrise

Highrise "Create a task" dropboxes

It’s a fact that we need to spend time doing emails and turning leads into customers more than spending time managing data in Highrise. This is where “Create a task” (CAT) dropboxes in Highrise become very useful when it comes to immediately keeping a record of what needs to be done.

Let’s say you’re doing emails in your mailbox when at some point you have to create a task in Highrise regarding another matter. Instead of switching to another browser tab, logging into Highrise, and creating a task, you can instead create a task right from your mailbox. To do this, simply compose an email whose subject line is the name of the task you want to create, and send it to one of your CAT dropboxes. Each email address pertains to a due date for the task, e.g. for tasks that are due tomorrow, send an email to the address that starts with “task+tomorrow”. After sending the email, a task will then automatically be created in Highrise. This prevents you from having to move out of your mailbox and to continue your usual email activities.

If you ever find yourself a frequent user of Highrise email dropboxes, I really suggest you try out our productivity extension for Highrise and Gmail users. It lets you BCC emails to Highrise with a click of a button. You won’t be disappointed!