Never forget to create that Highrise task again!

Let’s say you’re replying to a customer’s email who made an inquiry about your product. Making customers happy is always the top priority. So after replying, you plan to create a new task in Highrise to remind you to follow up on this customer to make sure that everything is going well. But while writing your reply, you get disturbed by more urgent tasks that you altogether forgot to create a task for that follow up email.

Tasks help you get things done. But sometimes the problem is when you forget to create task items on what needs to be done. If you highly depend on tasks list, chances are you’re going to miss listing some items when urgent things unexpectedly and continuously come up.

Today, we’re happy to introduce a new feature in Collabspot: creating Highrise tasks while composing messages in Gmail. This feature can be accessed by using Collabspot’s custom toolbar at the bottom of the Gmail compose view.

Collabspot task compose email

How does this feature work?

1. When writing an email, enable the BCC Highrise button, or choose an existing deal or a case in Highrise.

Collabspot BCC Highrise button

2. Choose an action category.

Collabspot task category

3. Choose a time frame when this task needs to be completed.

Collabspot task due

4. Check the “Create” checkbox.

Collabspot create task checkbox

5. Send the email and you should see your task created on your task list (right after Highrise receives the copy of your email).

Collabspot homepage Highrise tasks

What do you think of this new feature? Let us know through the comments below.