How to use custom fields in Highrise

Note: This is the second of a series of blog posts on how to use Highrise to better manage customer data and efficiently serve prospects.

In Highrise, custom fields allow you to customize your Highrise data beyond the standard fields that are given by default. Use custom fields to create filters for subcategories, e.g. category is software, subcategory is iOS developer. Custom fields can be used for both contacts and companies in Highrise. For those not yet familiar with custom fields, 37signals has a useful article to get you started.

For fields having a wide range of subcategories

In a previous blog post, I talked about how to use Highrise tags. Some categorizations of contacts in Highrise may have a range of subcategories that requires more specification than what’s possible with tags. This is one of the ways custom fields become useful.

Some categories that custom fields can be used are industry, subscription type, and preferred products. Industries can be further subdivided into specializations. For instance, if the mobile app development tag is used for companies or contacts under that industry, then we can make the filter more specific by using an industry custom field and filling it out with values such as iOS game development, Android task management apps, or iOS finance apps.

For Highrise API integration

If you have a team of web developers in your company, they can import and sync data from your pre-existing service to Highrise’s database via its API. These data can be represented as custom fields in Highrise. There are certain types of customer data that can aide your sales team towards better sales. I actually believe that you can only truly optimize your sales by making use of your customer data. By having access to such data, your salespeople are encouraged to make data-driven decisions for your company and to improve the quality of their interactions with your customers. Customer data such as date of sign-up, number of cupcakes bought, last transaction, total amount paid, can be automatically updated and shown in Highrise as custom fields.

How does your company use Highrise custom fields? Let us know through comments below!