New UI, new video, and other updates

As promised a few days ago, we now come back with some big updates for the extension.

New UI design and new logo

Collabspot new UI

The new UI is a result of our effort to make all the information displayed by the extension easier to recognize and to navigate. We used different colors to designate different types of data in Highrise. Users can now see an overview of how many tasks, deals, and cases they currently have. Also under the Activities section, the time between now and the earliest message listed is displayed. e.g. “2w” means 2 weeks.

On the bottom of the sidebar, we put a “+” button that unifies all the data entry features: add info, new task, new note, new deal, and new case.

New introduction video

In our new video, we will guide you through all of the essential features using the new UI.

Drawer-like sidebar

We wanted to avoid our extension from overlapping with other Gmail plugins, so we made it behave like a drawer that can be displayed or hidden by clicking the Collabspot icon on the right edge of the screen. This improves compatibility with other extensions for Gmail such as Rapportive

We can now see participants in a deal/case

In addition to displaying the info/activities/tasks in an existing deal, participants are also now displayed. By clicking on any participant, the extension loads the contact info in Highrise for that participant.

There you have it! We hope that you’ll enjoy these new updates as much as we do!

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