CollabSpot Boards in the GDG DevFest Philippines

The GDG DevFest

The first ever Google Developer Group (GDG) DevFest in the Philippines happened last August 4, 2012. It was held in the Asian Institute of Management in Metro Manila, a renowned business school in Southeast Asia. I, along with fellow CollabSpot developer Gino Tria, were invited to speak in the said event. We did a live demo of CollabSpot’s flagship product, CollabSpot Boards.

The GDG DevFest was full of interesting talks that were suited for both technical and non-technical people. The talks revolved around the different services offered by Google such as Google App Engine, AdSense, Android development, Google Maps, and Google Analytics. After the plenary talks came the “show and tell” portion of the event. In this portion, groups of people that were using Google technologies were invited to present their projects. The invited speakers came from a wide range of fields, from tech startups to government agencies. The CollabSpot team was one of the invited groups to speak in the event. So we decided to present a demo of CollabSpot Boards.

The CollabSpot Boards Presentation

CollabSpot Boards is a Google Apps project management tool based on collaborative boards. We spent the first few minutes of the talk introducing the team and the premise behind our product. We then gave a live demo of the app, showcasing some of its basic functionalities and popular usage. We experienced some difficulty with the internet connection during the talk, but we still managed to pull it off and enjoy the experience (with us smiling, as can be seen in the picture above). Since the event was about Google developers and Google services, we haven’t forgotten to spend a good deal of our presentation in explaining the Google technologies we use for the development of the app. Here’s a quick rundown of the technologies and how they fit in our development:

I think the list above is pretty neat when it comes to the range of Google technologies that’s being used. The final slides of our presentation contained our contact details and some of the future developments that we’re planning to implement in CollabSpot Boards. Since I still have some time left after the final slide, I went on to plug that the CollabSpot team is open for hiring. We are looking for exceptional Python web developers and project managers that can converse technically with developers. After the talk, random people came to chat with us for compliments and for networking, then Gino and I called it a day due to the ensuing heavy rain.