5 Ways Auto Scheduling Meetings has Changed My Life

“Sure… what time works for you?” We all know what song in dance these 6 little words will start. Email from prospect: Sure we can have a chat… Does Monday at 3:00 still work? Email from us: Sorry, I just booked up then. How about 2:00? Email from prospect: No I can’t do then… Does […]

Stop Dreading Sales Pipeline Meetings

Sales pipeline meetings are an essential part of the sales process. Not only do they update you on the progress of opportunities as they move through the pipeline, but they can also identify potential problems in time to address them before they cost your company the deal. Even more importantly, they can be instrumental in […]

SugarCRM and Salesforce – Your Comparison Checklist

Guest post by David Hyman, Account Exectuive @ FayeBSG   Every business needs a CRM because every business is supported by its customers — and smart businesses are constantly looking for smart, efficient, and innovative ways to support their relationships with those customers.   You landed on this page because you know you need a […]

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Save your sales forecast: How to get rid of deal slippage for good

You’ve seen it before: the red flags clogging up your CRM. The close dates that get pushed back—further, and further, and further. The panic at quarter-end: your sales forecast is way off! You're going to miss your benchmarks! There are blocks in your pipeline and it feels too late to fix them. What you’re dealing […]

Bad Data is Killing Your Company’s Sales… Here’s What You Can Do About It

Let’s sit down and have a chat about sales data.   Maybe it’s just a bit messy. Maybe it’s totally decayed. Maybe it’s incomplete, or irrelevant, or you just can’t get to the bottom of it all.    Either way, odds are: it’s costing you business.    Luckily, collecting, utilizing, and preserving your data is […]


CRM Adoption Isn’t About Compliance

You’ve spent hours pouring over Capterra reviews and sitting through demos with pushy sales teams. You’ve spent weeks learning, customizing, and fully implementing your shiny new CRM system and you’re finally ready to unleash it to your sales team. After a few days, it looks like only a few people have logged in and started […]

Collabspot is Introducing Customer Success!

  Hey there! Thank you for being a loyal Collabspot customer! My name is Jerome Jimenez, and I am your new Customer Success Manager at Collabspot. Pleased to meet you virtually. Though most of the time we will be interacting mostly through email or through phone, I thought that it would be best to introduce […]

Introducing Collabspot for Office 365

Imagine this scenario: You’re a sales rockstar who who uses Collabspot for Gmail to maximize your productivity. Your sales manager absolutely loves you because she knows that she can count on you to keep your data up to date and accurate, so when she hands off forecasts to the executives, she can be confident in its […]

How A Marketer Uses Collabspot

As Marketing Coordinator at Epicom, a CRM consulting firm, my favorite kind of software tools are the ones that provide benefits for both marketing and sales teams. Collabspot is one of those tools. While we originally adopted it for our sales team, our marketing team uses it as well. Here are three ways I use […]

Collabspot Wins SugarCRM’s ISV Breakout Partner Award

Collabspot, a sales communication platform that aims to help sales teams close more deals by seamlessly integrating their CRM with the place where they work the most, their inbox, announced today that Collabspot was presented with SugarCRM’s global ISV Breakout Partner Award. The award-winning Collabspot platform integrates Google Apps for work with SugarCRM, allowing you […]