Integrate Evernote inside Gmail with Collabspot

Evernote Integration with Gmail

Stay on top of your tasks and increase productivity by bringing Evernote inside Gmail


Collabspot is setting the benchmark for Productivity in Gmail by bringing commonly used business, personal and productivity apps inside Gmail. This time, Collabspot has joined hands with Evernote to provide Evernote Integration with Gmail. The integration with Gmail and Evernote enables Evernote Free and Premium users to quickly view, edit and manage their notes, notebooks and tasks right inside Gmail.


Evernote Integration with Gmail

Evernote Integration with Gmail


With the Collabspot powered Evernote and Gmail Integration, Evernote users can perform bunch of tasks on Evernote, from their Gmail sidebar. These include;


  • Search and view Evernote notes or browse by notebooks
  • Use the Collabspot sidebar to automatically display all related notes to the content of the opened email
  • Use the Collabspot sidebar to automatically display all notes related to the email address of your contact
  • Copy sent & received emails to Evernote and create reminders in Evernote
  • Use Collabspot shared Gmail templates in one click


This will result in minimal switching between Gmail and Evernote for tracking and updating personal and official notes and notebooks. Evernote users can save time on repetitive tasks and quickly perform common tasks on Evernote. The Gmail integration with Evernote can be set up for all Evernote Free and Paid users.

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  • simonhenton

    I have been using powerbot for gmail for my evernote integration but decided to have a look at Collabspot. Initial impressions are positive BUT there is an issue. When I save an email to evernote with powerbot it saves a link back to the email in gmail. Therefore when I review a note of an email in Evernote, if I click the link I go straight back to the actual email. In Collabspot the link takes me to my gmail inbox, not the original email.

    Is this correct? or have I configured it wrong? Without the link back to the actual email I will have to go back to powerbot.

    Look forward to a response.

    • Hi Simon,

      My apologies for getting back late on this.

      Have you checked this recently? As we just checked it out and the link takes back to the actual email saved.

      If you still are facing the same problem, send me an email directly at abbas@collabspot.com and I will have our support resolve it.


      • simonhenton

        Hi, Thanks for the reply. You’re right, it works great now.

        I’m now using Collabspot instead of Powerbot as the process is so much quicker, and the way to choose notebooks and reminders easier. Collabspot does overkill on the tags but as my use of Evernote does not rely on tags it’s no problem for me but I can imagine for some people it is a pain.

        I sometimes have problems when I select to send an email reply to Evernote before sending, but this is also an issue in Powerbot too.

        I still need to keep powerbot because it lets me save attachments direct to Evernote (or Dropbox) without the original email which is a useful feature.

        I think you have a nice product and hope it continues to develop


        • I’m glad its working and you find the product useful.

          Tags are important for some people in organizing their data so we have to keep it.

          Can you be specific what type of problem you have when sending an email? Rather than using the Gmail’s send button, if you use click Collabspot icon, it will not only send the email but also save a copy to Evernote – and its working fine as of now. Please share your experience and issue.

          We sure will continue to develop and improve it and your feedback alone as given us few hints ( such as saving attachment from Gmail to Evernote)

          Thank you again for your feedback. Do get back to me on the ” Sending email via Collabspot” issue.


          • simonhenton

            Hi Abbas,

            Tags – I wasn’t suggesting ditching them as I know for many people they are key. After just a few days of using Collabspot (and accepting all the tag suggestions) my tag list in Evernote has grown massively. A couple of suggestions 1. Only add tags to notes that already exist in Evernote (ie do not automatically create new ones) 2. Offer a switch that toggles auto tag suggestion on/off.

            On the “Send” button issue I can click the collabspot send option, populate the fields to save the email to Evernote, but when I hit the final send button nothing happens. When I then go back to Gmail and hit send off it goes and the note is created. I’m using Chrome browser 42.0.2311.135 on a Macbook with OSX10.10.3

            I hope this helps


          • Hi Simon,

            That are very nice suggestions on Tags- we sure will look into it.

            I will check in for the “Send” button issue. Thanks for detailing it out. Can you share your email address where I can reach you directly? For privacy (not disclosing it in a public discussion), you can send me a blank email at abbas@collabspot.com

            I will get back to you on this ASAP.

            Thanks again for your feedback, suggestions and cooperation.