10 Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Sales

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“80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. 44% of salespeople give up after 1 follow up. – The Marketing Donut


“Each year, you’ll lose 14% of your customers.” – BusinessBrief.com


“We talk at a rate of 125-175 words per minute, listen at a rate of 125-250 words per minute, but think at a rate of 1000-3000 words per minute.  The processing gap creates opportunities for distraction and failure to listen attentively.” – The Mann Group


We would all like to think we’re great listeners that know exactly what our customers need. In reality, that may be far from the truth. Don’t just read these 10 tips; put them into practice in your business to start improving your sales performance today.


Tip # 1 – Everybody is a $alesperson 


All employees have the opportunity to be salespeople regardless of their position or job description. Whether it’s Fred the customer service rep or Julie from …

What Behaviors are Common Among Successful Salespeople?

Spending adequate time with prospects (and customers)

Many would-be salespeople complain that “sales is tough”.  They argue that dealing with prospects and customers is a losing proposition. Well, do you ever notice that some sales professionals really stand out among the crowd? How do they become so successful while many do not?
It might be true that training, coaching, skills and a reputable product or service can all make a difference in whether an individual is successful at sales. But, more importantly, it takes a focused approach to developing behaviors that will enable more effective sales situations.
When we talk with sales professionals, we have found seven common behaviors that have enabled their success.
Behavior # 1 –  Selling value over price
All too often, sales agents become focused on price. Sure, buyers have to pay a specific price in return for your solutions. But often salespeople find themselves battling price concerns when they should be convincing their prospects of the value …

10 Simple Ways to Get More Customers Using Psychology

Get Customer Through Psychology

Once upon a time shop owners knew all of their customers by name. As businesses have grown and become digital, those days are now over. While in most cases it’s no longer possible to know each one of your customers, you can use consumer behavior research to learn more about your customers.
Once you understand your customers, it will be easier for you to resonate with them and get more new customers.
Here are 10 simple ways to get more customers using psychology:
1. Knowing the three types of buyers
Regardless of the industry, consumer behavior research shows us that there are fundamentally three types of buyers. Knowing which type of buyer you are dealing with can help you reduce purchasing pain and maximize potential sales.
The three types of buyers are:

Spendthrifts (15%)

These people are able to spend the most money before reaching maximum purchasing pain.

Unconflicted (61%)

These are the average spenders.

Tightwads (24%)

These people spend less …

Collabspot publishes whitepaper, Close more deals with 1:1 Marketing automation – a new and effective approach to automation in the sales


The sales department is the backbone of any organization regardless of their size and business nature. They drive the business, earn customers and ensure that the business keeps moving forward. In the current digital powered era where a large proportion of businesses have shifted to e-commerce, sales team is equipped with a myriad of tools to automate their processes and in doing their job more effectively.
From marketing automation system, CRM and Web Analytics to standard email & calendaring solutions- your sales team need all of them to be at the top of their performance.
Why standard marketing automation is not enough?
It’s no brainer that converting a website visitor into a qualified lead requires a potential lot of effort from your marketing department. They go through a series of marketing processes from writing blog and landing page copies, search engine optimization, social bookmarking to online advertisement in extracting out potential leads.
Marketing automation …

September’s Happiness Report!

Customer Feedback

It’s time for September’s Happiness Report!


 Why our customers are important
We believe that our customers know what is best. That is why we set a goal last March to deliver Legendary customer service. We’ve listened to feedback, added new features, and fixed some bugs. The result? Collabspot is better than ever!

What we worked on last September

Improved the task priority
Properly assigned roles to people
Fixed bugs
Added new features.
Improved processes within Support and Development team
Hired a new Sales member who is customer-support focused! Welcome Jules!

Thank you, Anna!
After staying with Collabspot for two years, Anna, currently our Sales manager, will be leaving this October. We thank her for all the time and effort she’s given to Collabspot.. Thanks, Anna!
Customer Feedback

Top-notch customer service. Timely, professional and friendly. A+.
Mike from Power Tower
Your support is amazing, probably the most important thing which is keeping me interested in your product
Lary from LP Solutions
Fantastic help everytime with your Support team. …

15 Tips to Manage Email Effectively

Tip 11

Columnist Marilyn Vos Savant once wrote “email, instant messaging and cell phones give us fabulous communication ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized.
How many of us have felt overwhelmed by our email inbox at times? It’s no wonder – in 2013, we received over 100 billion daily emails (and, believe it or not, not all of them were relevant to our needs.
Consumer and business email accounts totaled nearly 3.9 billion accounts last yearClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule
, according to technology market research firm The Radicati Group. There is a lot of traffic streaming to our inboxes. So what steps can we take to manage our email messages effectively? We’ve got 15 tips that will help you maintain your sanity.
TIP #1 – Use labels, folders & tabs

You’re first step is to create a system for organizing the numerous messages you receive. …

August Happiness Report

Image 2

It’s time for August’s Happiness Report!
You are the Guide – not the Hero. One of the biggest mental shifts a business can make is realizing that it is not the hero in the story – the customer is.
– Matt Ragland (How Backcountry creates an Exceptional Customer Service Experience)
We learned something very important last August: the measurement of great customer service comes from being a great Guide – not a great Hero. We are not here to save the day – we are here to advise and show the best way to others.
What we worked on last August

Our August stats show that we still have so many things to improve on to be great guides. On the other hand, we’ve done many improvements with the way we guide our customers on how to use Collabspot.

New Updates

Our Development team have been really amazing with making Collabspot as user-friendly as possible. Check out our release …

Release notes (August 01 – 29 2014)


New Feature:
1.) Birthdate field issue – Users can now type the date manually into the field.
2.) Improved notification email sent to users when saving attachments fails – Notification email now includes the email subject when it is available and more clearly states which attachments failed.
Released August 6, 2014
( Salesforce version no. 2014.8.6.855 )
New Feature:
1.) Support for Multiple Currencies – User can now see all the currencies that they’ve set in Salesforce.

Users will now have the option to choose what currency he wants to use when creating an opportunity to a contact. (As long as those currencies are available in his salesforce instance.)

2.) AutoEnable Email Tracking option in Settings – By default, email tracking feature needs to be manually turned on every time a user sends an email.

When this feature is enabled, email tracking is enabled automatically. Users don’t have to worry about turning the email tracking on every time they …

Release notes (July 14 – 24 2014)


Scheduled July 24, 2014 (2014-07-24)
( SugarCRM 7 Version no. 2014.7.24.1247 )
New Features
Implemented Load More function in the sidebar

Users will now have the option to show all the items under each section in the sidebar. (except History and Activities, we excluded this feature for those sections)

Note: The limit is 5 items per section, exceeding this limit will trigger the Load More button to show up and will load the remaining items.
Support for other date format in Gmail

Previously, the Language settings on GMail must be set to English (US) for the archived emails on Sugar to show the correct date format. Now, it will show the correct date format when an archived email is viewed on Sugar regardless of what language is set in GMail.

Bug Fixes
Added new timezone (San Francisco) for Send Later Feature

You may now use San Francisco as one of the available time zones on this feature.

Improved User Experience in …

July Happiness Report

It’s time for July’s Happiness Report!
It’s been five months since we aimed to provide Legendary Customer Service. It’s about time to ask: After all the changes we implemented, are we one step closer to providing legendary customer service?   Here’s a brief rundown of our goals:

Response time should be lowered to 1 hour.
Satisfaction rating should be at 98% – 100%.
Create more documentation.
Improve our internal process.

Without further ado, here’s June’s stats:

During the course of five months, we’ve added new features, fixed some bugs, improved internal processes, and created new documentation. We’ve also improved the way we respond to our customers by being professionally friendly instead of being stiff or overly friendly.

We’ve learned that Customer Service is an Art.
“Providing customer service is really easy. Providing REAL customer service is an art.”

Typical customer service processes make a customer feel that a robot is processing their concerns. That should not be the case. A customer must …